Shetland Wool Week Buzz Brings Total Raised £45,000.

Shetland Wool Week 2019 has arrived, and with it all the buzz you’d expect. It truly has gotten off to a flying start for the MRI Maakers too.

Shetland Wool Week Opening Ceremony

While the opening night is usually reserved for paying guests with only Shetland Wool Week Sponsors having stalls, this year Victoria Tait kindly gave the MRI Maakers a special pass. As you can see from this panoramic picture taken from our table, we were kept busy during every interval and raised £1065 during the evening!

Beyond that, we met in person for the first time several people who have been supporting us from afar which was lovely. We’ll be seeing many again over the rest of the week in less hectic settings.

Monday saw us in the Hub at the Shetland Museum and Archives for the first time, meeting many interested people keen to support us in our quest to raise funds for the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal. Again, some of these were people who have been supporting us online for some time but until now we hadn’t met.

It was a busy day, but afforded more time for general chat as you can see from this picture as people saw Harriet working on her next design – a versatile cowl.

Over the course of the day, Billy had to restock Jamieson’s of Shetland with more patterns too. That, along with selling raffle tickets, patterns, and a few finished items in the Hub, we raised £1624.

With pattern sales in pdf downloads continuing in the background throughout, this means the total raised by the MRI Maakers so far is now £45,633. We’re incredibly grateful for all the continuing support, in all it’s forms, from all over the world. 62 knitters have contributed to our stock, and our MRI Maakers have done so much more than knit. Yarn stores both within, and out with Shetland have been selling huge numbers of patterns for us. At every turn, whatever we’ve needed, there’s been a community of people stepping up to help us. Thank you!

MRI Maaker’s – Shetland Wool Week

We’ve come a long way since the MRI Maakers first started meeting at the beginning of May. While much of what we’ve achieved so far has been clearly visible through our online presence, a significant amount of effort has been directed towards getting ready for Shetland Wool Week. At least 62 volunteer knitters have done an amazing job of putting together a variety of items hand made using #shetlandwool.
Harriet has managed in that short time to expand the range of patterns available to include a Headband, Fingerless Gloves, full fingered gloves, and mittens. These are all part of a collection which match the original #harrietshat and all proceeds, along with those from the finished goods, go directly to the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal.
Shetland Wool Week is upon us now, and though we will always be busy behind the scenes, here is a list of times and places you’ll find Harriet and one or two of the MRI Maakers as you enjoy your Shetland Wool Adventures.
Sunday 29th September – 19:00 until 21:00 – #Shetlandwoolweek Welcome at the Clickimin Centre in the Main Hall
Monday 30th September – 10am until 17:00 – Shetland Wool Week Hub in the Gadderie at the Shetland Museum & Archives.
Tuesday 1st October – 10am until 17:00 – Shetland Wool Week Hub in the Gadderie at the Shetland Museum & Archives.
Tuesday 1st October – 19:00 – Harriet & Billy will be dropping in to Jamiesons of Shetland to wish them luck with the launch of Marie Wallin Designs new book Meadow.
Wednesday 2nd October – 10am until 17:00 – Shetland Wool Week Hub in the Gadderie at the Shetland Museum & Archives.
Thursday 3rd October – 18:00 until 21:00 – MRI Maakers Wool Week Event in the Lerwick Town Hall. This is where ticket holders can meet as many of the MRI Maakers as are available as they knit, our raffle will be drawn, members of the Jarl Squad will be there too! Tea, Coffee, Traditional Shetland Supper and home bakes included.
Friday 4th October – 09:00 until 14:00 – MRI Maakers Bake Sale in the Gilbert Bain Hospital Canteen. This is where the MRI Maakers usually meet every second Thursday night.
Saturday 5th October – 11:00 until 16:00 – Shetland Wool Week Makers’ Market in the Anderson High School. We’ll be selling our full range of patterns in hard copy, along with a huge variety of hand made items all created by MRI Maakers especially for you with Shetland Wool. The #Shetlandwool has all been donated so all proceeds go directly to the Scanner Appeal.
Come Join us. Meet the #knittingdesigner behind the patterns, and the MRI Maakers all working hard so Shetland can have it’s own MRI Scanner sooner rather than later.

MRI Maakers Wool Week Event Raffle Prizes

Here is a list of prizes being drawn during our on off MRI Maakers Wool Week Event at the Lerwick Town Hall. We’re extremely grateful to everyone who has donated a prize, you’ll find their details listed beside them.

Billy O’ Middle Toon is a Burra Bear made entirely out of Harriet’s Hats which were hand knitted by various MRI Maakers around Shetland.

Wendy Inkster very kindly created him for our raffle and we think he’s turned out absolutely fabulous. She’ll be at the Lerwick Town Hall so if the lucky winner is one of our guests, she’ll be able to hand over the prize herself.


Marie Wallin – Meadow – Cover

A signed copy of Marie Wallin’s new book ‘Meadow’ has been donated by Marie herself. The book, which launches on the 1st October, contains designs using Jamieson of Shetland Spindrift yarn.

Marie Wallin is also donating £1 from every book sale to the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal and has included a feature in the book about the MRI Maakers and the scanner appeal.



This beautiful hand knitted lace shawl has been kindly donated by one of our own MRI Maakers – Marina Robertson. Spanning 4ft, there’s an incredible amount of work that goes into making these with such attention to detail.




A years subscription (4 issues) to either British Fibre Art Magazine or Needle Felt Magazine. The winner will receive a voucher from us to claim their prize.

Issues will be posted to them anywhere in the world!



Woolly Originals have donated this incredible project bag. Retailing at £65 it’s beautifully made, lined and perfect to keep your future projects in.

Woolly Originals have been an avid supporter of what we’re doing from early on highlighting our efforts on social media.


Matching set 1 from the Harriet collection. This Harriet’s Hat and matching Harriet’s Mittens go so well together and will keep the lucky winner warm in the coming winter months.





Shetland Jewellery haven’t just donated this large pendant from their Fara range. They’ve made it especially for us using the MRI colours! The design compliments the crown of Harriet’s Hat so well it was an obvious choice from their collection of fine pieces. After seeing how it turned out, they’ve decided to add it to their range and will be donating 20% of every one sold to the Shetland MRI Scanner appeal.

Matching set 2 from the Harriet Collection. This is a matching Harriet’s Headband and Harriet’s Fingerless glove set.





Fair Isle Knitting Designs from Shetland Knitters Volume 2, released this month, signed by the designers.

Kindly donated by the Shetland Guild of Spinners, Knitters, Weavers and Dyers.



This selection of books has been very kindly donated to us by Mary Randles. We’ll be splitting the 8 books into two prizes of 4.





A signed copy of this DVD by Hazel Tindall and Elizabeth Johnston containing over 3 and a half hours of essential knitting advice.






Signed DVD donated by Hazel Tindall herself. We’re sure it’ll be of great interest containing a step by step guide through the traditional art of Fair Isle Knitting.





Shetland Wool Week have kindly donated a copy of their 2019 Annual. If you have been following Shetland Wool Week on social media you will no doubt have seen many of the exquisite designs within it from a host of very talented designers.

Shetland Wool Week have been extremely supportive and given us a place at their opening night, space at the Hub from Monday to Wednesday, and at the Makers’ Market.

Shetland Amenity Trust has donated a Family Heritage Season Ticket. The ticket can be used at Shetland Amenity Trust sites in the South Mainland including Sumburgh Head Lighthouse & Visitor Centre, Old Scatness Broch and Iron Age Village, and the Crofthouse Museum at Dunrossness.

For more information see here –

Marja from Trollenwol has very kindly donated 2 books, both about knitting with Uradale yarn. One was released earlier this year in March, and the other is being launched during Shetland Wool Week!

Trollenwol have been very supportive already online so you’re likely to have seen them liking and commenting on our posts.

How would you like to go Glamping for a night in one of these fabulous luxury Wigwams?

Thanks to this donation from Barbara Hall, who is herself a keen knitter, one lucky winner will be able to do just that.

You can find out more about the Burravoe Wigwams here –



Gilda Sim, who is one of our regulars at MRI Maakers meetings, has donated these lovely handknitted lace wristlets. They’re made from real Shetland Lace yarn and we’re sure they’ll be much loved by the lucky winner.




Hélène Driesen, AKA Kieranknits, has been incredibly supportive of our efforts and has already raised funds for us by donating some of her work to sell on this site. She has now donated these lovely thrummed mittens as a raffle prize, they’ll be so cosy in the coming winter months.



If you’re looking for something to keep your feet warm this winter, Hélène Driesen has also donated these thrummed slippers to the raffle. Hélène is teaching two classes at this year’s Shetland Wool Week and will be bringing both prizes along with her from the USA.

Additions To Harriet Collection Brings Total Over £40,000

Harriet being her usual modest self wouldn’t have coined this phrase herself, but from here in Shetland to other places around the world, her patterns raising funds for the Shetland MRI Scanner appeal are being affectionately referred to as ‘The Harriet Collection’.

From the launch of the first pattern – Harriet’s Hat – support from all over the world has been breathtaking and relentless. This coincided with the first ever meeting of the MRI Maakers, who have also achieved so much more than we ever thought possible already with their finished hand knitted items.

At tonight’s meeting, yet more amazing knitted items were handed in making ready for Shetland Wool Week. However as we prepare for our one off MRI Maakers Wool Week Event, Ticket’s available here, they’ve also organised themselves with selling raffle tickets and making home bakes for our guests. Not only will the MRI Maakers be sharing their knitting night with you, they’ll also have made some of the lovely cakes etc. which will be available for you to accompany your teas, coffees, and traditional Shetland Supper.

Hard copies of Harriet’s Gloves and Harriet’s Fingerless Gloves have started going on sale locally, and the Harriet’s Mitten patterns, available online here now, will be launched in hard copy during Shetland Wool Week. Online sales of these have already brought another boost in funds raised for the MRI Scanner appeal, bringing the total raised so far as of tonight up to £40,405.50! It’s an absolutely astounding amount, which includes hard copy sales, pattern downloads, and the finished items all carefully hand knitted for you by our lovely MRI Maakers themselves.

With less than two weeks until Shetland Wool Week officially begins, many visitors have already started to arrive so we’re pleased that our preparations are on track. We’ll be at the opening night in Clickimin on Sunday the 29th September highlighting what our community of knitters have been doing and why. We’ll also be at the Shetland Wool Week Hub on Monday 30th, Tuesday 1st, and Wednesday 2nd October. Tuesday 1st is also the official launch of the Marie Wallin book, Meadow, which contains a feature on the MRI Maakers – £1 of every book sale being donated to the Shetland MRI Scanner appeal. All of that comes ahead of our MRI Maakers event in the Lerwick Town Hall on Thursday 3rd October from 6pm until 9pm. We’re hosting a Bake Sale in our usual meeting venue – the Gilbert Bain Servery – on Friday 4th October from 9am until 2pm so if you fancy a fancy please pop in for some. That brings us up to the Makers Market on Saturday 5th October where you’ll find all of the knitted items available to buy, all proceeds going directly to the scanner appeal.

With Billy heading to the Loch Ness Knit Fest later in October with hard copies of the patterns, the amount raised is sure to rise still further. It truly is overwhelming how much has been achieved by a community of knitters all coming together, not only here in Shetland but all around the world. Thank you!


Harriet’s Hat Branches Out With A Loom Along

Back in July we were contacted by Ruth, who knits with a loom and wanted to try making Harriet’s Hat using one. We were interested to see how she got on and said it was fine by us.

Then in August Ruth sent us a picture of her finished hat, made entirely on her loom. As you can see it turned out really well although she explained the crown was quite difficult doing it as per the original pattern. She wanted to make a loom conversion to overcome this so the group she’s connected with, KissLooms knitting and Weaving Club, could have a Loom Along of Harriet’s Hat.

Ruth and the group are keen to support what we’re doing, and the idea is that loom knitters can buy the Harriet’s Hat pattern and if they take part in the Harriet’s Hat Loom Along they’ll get the conversion details explaining how to do it. It’s a whole new area we never expected to find support from, so we’re very grateful and can’t wait to see how they all turn out.

Once the Loom Along has finished, Ruth has asked if we want the conversion for our store, so here’s what we’ve come up with. So that any Loom knitters who want to try it aren’t paying more for the same end result, we’ll make it available free along with a harriet’s hat pattern.

To find out more about the Loom along, and how to take part, head over to KissLooms knitting and Weaving Club and Ruth will be able to help you along.

Launch Of Glove Selection Paves Way For November Mitt Along

Today saw the launch of a selection of Harriet’s Glove patterns which have been eagerly awaited by many. We’d like to thank Nancy Hunter and Erin from the Morehouse Farm for testing them. It’s been quite a challenge to get the patterns ready, and we couldn’t have done it without them.

The Harriet’s Glove and Harriet’s Fingerless Glove Patterns bring a range of possibilities. Made to suite the average ladies hand, the turnback cuffs of the fingerless version will fit the full fingered version. Similarly if you prefer the cuff in the Harriet’s Glove pattern, you can swap it onto the fingerless version. For this reason, we also released a Full Finger Conversion for use with the Harriet’s Fingerless Glove pattern. So to get the full range of gloves, you don’t need to buy both patterns at full price. You can buy the Fingerless pattern along with the conversion instead.

Erin has already announced the Mitt Along, starting on the 1st of November, where people from around the world can join and knit one or more of the Fair Isle Knitting designed accessories for ladies hands. And in preparation for the knit/mitt along she has begun taking pre-orders of hard copies. We’ll be sending these over to her in America in October. Erin has spent some considerable time today setting up a section of the Morehouse Farm website specifically for “The Harriet Collection”. This includes all 4 patterns released to date, along with one for mittens which will be available shortly. They will either ship the patterns or make them available for collection at key events locally. You can find out details here – The Harriet Collection –  if you’re in the USA and would prefer hard copies of the collection. Pre-ordering will help us figure out how many we need to send to be sure you don’t miss out.

Follow this link to find out more about the Harriet’s Mitt Along, which includes some new techniques for those who took part in the Harriet’s Hat and Harriet’s Headband KAL earlier. Expect more of the same helpful tips and tutorials that helped you through the Fair Isle head wear.

In the meantime, we’ve Shetland Wool Week to prepare for, including the MRI Maakers Wool Week Special Event, and Billy will be going to the Loch Ness Knit Fest later in October too.

Thanks for everyone’s continued support, wherever in the world you are, it’s truly appreciated.

North Central Washington Knitters Guild Donates £125.50

Earlier this year Sherry Kreb visited Shetland and bought the Harriet’s Hat pattern and a yarn pack. She began knitting it while she was here, and finished it upon her return to Washington.

Sherry then knitted a Harriet’s Hat for a friend, Tami, who loved it so much she donated £100 to the Scanner appeal.

We were able to pass on our appreciation to Tami via Sherry, but we have since learnt Sherry wasn’t finished.

Sherry was asked to be a guest speaker at the North Central Washington Knitters Guild on Wednesday. She made and donated a Harriet’s Hat as a raffle prize, and the ladies were passionate about our cause. They were eager to help out and had a collection which has now been donated directly to the appeal. It came to an incredibly generous £125.50, all from one supporter spreading the word to other charitable knitters.

Pictured here is Sherry herself holding the pattern, beside the lucky winner of the Harriet’s Hat she made.

We would like to pass on our sincere thanks to everyone there in Wenatchee, Washington for their donation, and above all Sherry for telling them all about us and making it possible. Thank you!

Morehouse Farm Visit Brings Total Raised to £38,400

Since May this year, when the MRI Maakers first started, and, Harriet’s patterns first went on sale, we’ve had support from all over the world. It has been as heartwarming as it has been breath taking.

The Morehouse Farm, in New York State, which is an enterprise based on Merino Sheep and the wool they create, stepped up after contacting us back in June. Erin from the farm was eager to have a Fair Isle knit along following requests from her group of knitters which she affectionately calls the flock. The timing was perfect because the other worldwide knit along organised by the Minnesota Knitters Guild was due to come to a close shortly before Erin’s one would begin.

However, Erin wanted to support us in another way too. Throughout July, before the Morehouse Farm knit along began, she said she would donate $1 for every skein of 2ply yarn sold.

As you can see from the check Suzanne Hanifl is holding, it came to an incredible $673. Suzanne has been with the flock since the early days of Morehouse Farm, and we’re delighted she could be here to hand over the cheque on behalf of Erin. As you can see, Harriet is holding a cheque for £535, which is the total deposited directly into the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal account after currency exchange. Kathleen Carolan, centre, was instrumental in starting the scanner appeal so we’re glad she was able to join us in receiving the cheque. This, along with the significant boost in pattern sales resulting from the knit along brings our raised up to £38,400.

It’s not often that we get to express our gratitude to someone from overseas directly, so this was too good an opportunity to pass up. Thankfully there were a few of the MRI Maakers available to come along. Emma and Barbara even managed to come during a break from the A&E department too. Breaks are often interrupted in the casualty department, but not usually for something like this.

Normally, I would be finishing up the post now, but I can’t, not yet. Erin has been one of our test knitters for the glove patterns being released imminently and with mittens to follow shortly she has already committed to having another knit along. She’ll be starting a ‘Mitt along’ in November, featuring the same help, guidance and tutorials we’re now familiar with following the hats and headbands.

The support being provided by Erin and her flock at Morehouse Farm continues in other ways too. Erin has been keen to find ways to make hard copies of our patterns available at some upcoming events in America as well.

However our talking has on occasion ventured into other things, which leads us to a gift sent over with Suzanne. Merino wool is renowned for being incredibly soft and gentle on the skin, which I happened to mention makes it ideal for people with certain conditions, undergoing chemotherapy for example. So Erin surprised us with this huge bundle of Merino Wool, all in the official MRI colours! We’ll be using it to make Harriet’s Hats for donation to the MacMillan Nursing Department in the Gilbert Bain Hospital for their patients to use. Many such patients will have already had MRI scans themselves, so hopefully this will also provide some practical comfort as they undergo their resulting treatment. There’s enough here for 8 full size hats, but we may use some the maternity department can keep for new borns until they’re ready to go home.

It is just one of many acts of kindness to come from Erin and her flock, we truly can’t thank you, along with everyone who has joined you in supporting us, enough. Thank you!

Card Payments Without Paypal Account

For the most part, people have been able to support us by buying patterns and hand knitted finished items without having a PayPal account without too much issue. However, in certain countries this hasn’t been the case and we’ve had a few people trying several time with different browsers with no success.

While we were confident, given so many people were successful, that there was no issue at our end, some people were never able to move past it and have so far been unable to support us as they’d like.

After researching this a lot deeper, it transpires that the option to pay using a credit/debit card without having a PayPal account isn’t available in some countries, and in others there are transaction limits per card (usually only permitting a certain number of purchases before an account is required). In Canada for example, only a certain number of transactions per card is permitted before an account is required.

This issue was further highlighted once we launched the patterns in Norwegian, kindly translated for us by Margaret. Norway is one such country where this option isn’t available at all using PayPal, only PayPal account holders could support us from there.

With Margaret organising knitting events later in the year, once we knew what the problem was, we were keen to find a solution. Thankfully, the Stripe payment gateway offers the same facility in many countries where the option to make card payments isn’t covered by PayPal. As a customer you don’t need an account, and will now be able to support us by simply using Stripe as your payment method instead.

PayPal is still our preferred method for anyone where this option is available since it avoids transferring the funds. However if PayPal doesn’t work for you, hopefully in your location Stripe will be a welcome alternative. The transaction fees are the same, the only difference is the additional administration of an otherwise avoidable transfer of funds.

Thanks as always for your support, it continues to be incredible.

Marie Wallin Donates Signed Copy of “Meadow” Book

Marie Wallin – Meadow – Cover

In an earlier post we revealed that Marie Wallin was going to be donating £1 from every sale of her soon to be released book ‘Meadow’ to the MRI Scanner appeal.

The book of designs made using Jamieson’s of Shetland Spindrift yarn is being released in October during Shetland Wool Week and also features 2 double page spreads about the Shetland MRI Scanner appeal and the MRI Maakers.

In Marie’s most recent newsletter, she explained how a recent health issue of her own. This means she’ll be reducing her workload moving forward. But while some plans have been postponed or cancelled, Marie has pressed ahead with this one. Including the very generous gesture that goes along with it. We think that makes it all the more special.

Not only that, but Marie is also donating a signed copy of the book to our raffle being drawn during the one off wool week MRI Maakers Special Event.

Raffle tickets will be on sale shortly, tickets for the event are available to buy now from the above link.

If you’d like to donate a raffle prize, get in touch so we can include it in our ongoing promotions. Keep in mind that many prize winners will be attending from far afield and have limited space in their luggage.

Thanks as always for your continued support, and a special thanks to Marie Wallin for donating this