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Set up & Suggestions  


Billy Middleton
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18/03/2020 8:13 pm  

The basics of the forum are in place now and ready to use. We may and to or tinker with the boards but this won't affect any topics you add in the meantime.

For those who host regular knit clubs, you're welcome to post a topic thread for your members to come to while you can't meet in person as usual. The area for this is in the general knitting forum and you'll find guidance in the stickied post on how to format the title so it's easily found. Should this be popular we may need to divide the board into regions or countries, but your topics will be moved to the relevant new board if necessary. 

You can now add pictures directly into your posts using the "My Media" function, located directly under the text entry box. Once added, these will then be in your own media library for future posts should you wish to share them again later. 

If you have any suggestions, please do leave them in this topic.

Thanks for joining us. 

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