Harriet’s Hat


This is Harriet holding a pattern for the hat she designed, standing next to Heidi Andrews who is wearing the finished article after a recent interview at BBC Radio Shetland.

These are available as a pdf file below, or hard copies can be purchased from local stores (Local Pattern Stockists). The pattern includes detailed instructions along with a list of materials and colours needed to reproduce your own Harriet’s Hat, with all proceeds going toward the MRI Scanner Appeal.

See the website header image for an accurate representation of the finished garment. To the left you see the crown as viewed from above, and to the right you can see the hat laid flat on a sheepskin rug.

Jamieson & Smith’s have very kindly agreed to sell a kit containing all of the wool shades required along with a hard copy of the pattern. They are also donating the proceeds from the wool sales in this pack to the scanner appeal when purchased in store. The do however ship all over the world, and can supply hard copies of the pattern, so you can make yourself your very own Harriet’s Hat using real Shetland wool with the entire cost of the pattern being put to a worthy cause.

Jamieson’s of Shetland also stock hard copies of the pattern in store with the entire cost of the pattern being put towards the scanner appeal.

You can find a downloadable copy of Harriet’s Hat in our new online store including in Norwegian.

Yarn stockist may wish to support us by purchasing stockist bundles which are available in batches of 25 patterns. These can either be all Harriet’s Hat Patterns, all Harriet’s Headband Patterns, or Mixed Bundles which are roughly half and half.