Marie Wallen Pledges To Donate £1 From Each Sale of “Meadow”

Meadow – Marie Wallin – Launch Date 1st October 2019

Many of you will have heard the name Marie Wallen, a former head designer at Rowan who started her own design company in 2013. Marie became an enthusiast of the Jamieson’s of Shetland Spindrift yarn and in 2017 published her book of 12 Fair Isle designs – “Shetland”.

All of the collection’s photographs were taken at various locations around Shetland, during a trip which left Marie sad to leave and keen to return. In particular she became attached to Belmont House in Unst.

Now, 2 years later, Marie is preparing for the launch of another book – “Meadow” – featuring designs exclusively knitted using Jamieson’s of Shetland Spindrift yarn. However there’s more to this book release as Marie announces in her July news letter. Having recently heard of the Harriet’s Hat pattern, and the MRI Maakers efforts to raise funds for the Shetland MRI Scanner appeal, she approached us with an offer of support. She will be donating £1 from every copy sold from it’s launch on the 1st of October to the scanner appeal. Not only that, but there’s to be a small feature in the book dedicated to explaining the appeal and what the £1 donation from each sale will help to achieve.

Shetland – 12 Fair Isle Designs by Marie Wallen

Marie announces this in her July newsletter and includes details of the Harriet’s Hat pattern, along with links directly to the MRI Maakers site and the Shetland MRI Scanner appeal site.

Meadow will be available in Jamieson’s of Shetland during Shetland Wool Week, both in the Commercial Street store and at the wool mill at Sandness. We can’t thank Marie enough for her generous assistance, but reading of her fondness of Shetland from her previous book of spindrift designs, it’s easy to understand why she felt compelled to. Thank you.

Harriet’s Headband Launched Today

It seems like a long time since we first posted that the Harriet’s Headband pattern was to be launched but it’s only a little over a week really. Fortunately on the day we ambushed these three fine lasses for a promo pic, we took a few so here’s one of them showing how excited they are for the Harriet’s Headband Launch. We’re almost as excited as they look 🙂

The time in between has been used to fine tune the instructions and make sure the charts are clear and easy to follow for you. We’ve learnt a lot from the Harriet’s Hat pattern, so the distribution has already been fine tuned. The printing of hard copies was sponsored by “I thought I knew how” podcasts and they’ve been ordered today in the hope they arrive in time for our next MRI Maakers night this Thursday shipping permitting.

You can download the new Harriet’s Headband Pattern here, all proceeds go directly to the Shetland MRI Scanner appeal as with everything else sold on this site. We can’t thank everyone enough for helping us get this off the ground and bringing everyone together in the quest to raise funds for the scanner. In particular today, thanks to Nancy Hunter and Jenny Wiseman for reviewing the pattern. More news coming in the near future, but we think the Harriet’s Headband launch is excitement enough for one day.

Harriet’s Hat Win’s Magazine Prize for World Wide Knit Along Supporter

Lets Knit Magazine Announces competition winner

This morning, Anne Stevens Frost woke to some great news.

Anne has been an active supporter of our efforts to raise funds for the Shetland MRI Scanner appeal, and has mentioned it in her regular “I Thought I Knew How” podcasts twice now. She has highlighted the worldwide Harriet’s Hat knit along organised by the Minnesota Knitters guild in them, whilst taking part herself.

When she finished her hat a few days ago, Anne submitted it for the Lets Knit Magazine’s weekly “Reader Makes” competition. Pictured here is the Instagram post announcing that they’d picked her entry as the winner.

Anne wearing her finished Harriet’s Hat

They also took the opportunity to highlight what we’re doing, which is fantastic. We don’t think they realise how appropriate their choice of winner really is. Unknown to them, not only has Anne joined in the world wide knit along, and spread word of what we’re doing using her podcasts along with various social media accounts, but she’s also sponsored the printing of hard copies of the Harriet’s Headband patterns. The pattern is with a test knitter at the moment, and will be released as soon as that process has been completed.

If you haven’t started your Harriet’s Hat yet, it’s not to late to enter into the Harriet’s Hat knit along finished hat prize draw. Simply download your Harriet’s Hat pattern here, and post a picture of it completed on the Minnesota Knitters thread on Ravelry before the 20th July.

Yarn Appeal as Finished Hat Sales Raise over £2400 for Shetland MRI Scanner

This morning, we shipped the packages pictured here to addresses across the UK and around the world. It’s become a fairly routine weekday event.

The MRI Maakers have been pulling out the stops and have now raised over £2400 from the sales of finished hats alone.

However it’s not only the availability of volunteer knitters (who have been incredible so far) that limit the number of these, and soon other, finished official design items we can sell. Our source of yarn in the right colours is coming to an end, so we now need to move on to something more sustainable for the longer term. The Shetland MRI Scanner appeal won’t reach it’s target any time soon, so we need to look ahead in terms of how the MRI Maakers efforts can best be sustained.

This will become more of an issue shortly when other official pattern designs are released, however those patterns present us with an opportunity we think (more later).

We were invited in to meet Katherine and Garry Jamieson (of Jamieson’s of Shetland) today to discuss some options, and they’ve come up with a very generous arrangement for us. If we can find backers for the wool we need for finished items in the official colours, they’ll supply us the yarn at a significantly reduced price. This is sustainable for them, while it would be a huge support for us, as they’ve been all along.

It’s an incredibly worthwhile opportunity if we can make it work, based on the hat sales over the last 3-4 weeks, around £70 in yarn becomes £480, and that mark up will be still higher with the discount on offer.

If you could help us by way of donating some funds for us to use specifically for this purpose we’d be incredibly grateful, and your contribution will be multiplied in excess of 7 times in terms of how much it raises for the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal.

For businesses, we’ve delayed the release of the Headband Pattern slightly to accommodate any that would want their business advertised in exchange, there are other planned patterns in the pipeline too. We’ll also obviously highlight your generosity here on our website, and across our social media platforms. Both our pattern sales, and online presence have gained huge interest around the globe, so it’s a brilliant opportunity to get yourself widely seen.

Sufficient yarn in each colour for 16 Harriet’s Hats

Jamieson’s of Shetland’s offer is specific to the 6 MRI Scanner Appeal colours, and can only be collected by Harriet or Billy. We’ll then batch them up with enough of each colour for specific official scanner appeal items, such as Harriet’s Hats or Harriet’s Headbands etc. like we’ve done here (pictured) tonight for more hats. So you can be assured if you sponsor us in this way to buy yarn, it will all be used solely for items sold to raise funds for the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal.

If you can help us fund the yarn we need to raise more funds for the MRI Scanner, whether as an individual, or as a business, please use the contact page so we can discuss with you the best way to get the funds to us. In the case of businesses we can also then discuss what promotional coverage you need and what you require on invoices for tax purposes.

The Harriet’s Hat pattern has now sold 2565 copies online and well over 500 hard copies in local stores not including those sold but the money hasn’t been returned yet (many purchased by tourists). This means the pattern alone has raised well over £12,000 so far from across the UK and around the world more widely since 2nd of May.

With the MRI Maakers volunteer knitters having now sold over £2400 worth of hats, Harriet’s Hat has raised almost £15000 in just over 6 weeks. Securing funding for more yarn would mean we can achieve much more.

We can’t thank everyone who has supported us enough, particularly the community of knitters. Thank you


Winner of Cast On Photo Announced on Ravelry By Kathy of Minnesota Knitters Guild

Timonium, Maryland, US

Worldwide Knit In Public Day 2019 (June 8th) saw the start of the worldwide Harriet’s Hat KAL organised by the Minnesota Knitters Guild. As part of the knit along event, Kathy had organised a prize draw for cast on pictures posted in the Ravelry thread by the 15th.

The winner, “opallady” actually posted two cast on photos. Hat 1 was put on ice while she waited for the right colour yarn to arrive and so a cast on photo for Hat 2 was posted later.

Opallady posted :

Timonium Maryland US – Hat 2

Wowser, wow, wow, WOW! What an incredible treat to be selected!

And in other wonderful news, the one color I’m missing for Hat #1 has arrived so I can continue working that this week. Hat #2 in Foula Wool is finished to the ribbing.

Usually I like to find the paths that are a little overgrown, the ones that lead to unexpected and unusual places. This time, though, knitting Harriet’s Hat is taking me on a path with friends around the world who all feel strongly about providing a resource for Shetland that most of us take for granted where we live. While Baltimore may be known for some unsavory things, one great thing about Baltimore is the world class medicine available here. A quick Google search shows 17 MRI locations within 5 miles of my home. No overnight travel required!

Thank you, Minnesota Knitting Guild members, for instigating this KAL for all of us, but especially for the Shetlanders!

If you missed out on the cast on prize draw, or haven’t started yet, don’t worry – you can still take part and enter the finished hat prize draw. All you need to do is download your own Harriet’s Hat pattern if you haven’t already, and post a picture of your finished hat on the Ravelry thread by the 20th of July. We’re excited to see all the variations, not everyone is using the official Harriet’s Hat colourwork, and they’re turning up in some surprising places, which is fantastic.

Harriet’s Hat on top of Ben Lomond!

Earlier today, we were sent a picture of on that won’t be in the prize draw, so we’re content to post it here now. This photo was taken this weekend on top of Ben Lomond, isn’t the view (and hat) fantastic! How will you frame your finished hat for the Harriet’s Hat KAL prize draw?

Up Helly Aa Official Photographer Sports Harriet’s Hat

The Summer Carnival took place in Lerwick this evening and this year’s Up Helly Aa squad were taking part. It was the perfect opportunity, while the squad all adorn their intricately designed viking suits, for them to present checks to two deserved causes.

The Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal, and Cancer Research UK were each given £1000 by the Jarl Squad. The presentation was being captured by the squad’s official photographer, Gordon Siegel when Carol Campbell noticed he was wearing something quite familiar.

Pictured here, Gordon is wearing one of Harriet’s Hats, knitted specially for him by Harriet herself not long ago. There are few things more exciting for us these days than seeing on of these world renowned hats in some unique setting, but the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal being awarded £1000 by world famous Vikings is one of them.

2019 Up Helly Aa Squad presenting Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal and Cancer Research UK with cheques for £1000 each.

Finished hand knitted Harriet’s hats are available to buy in the online store but rely on volunteer MRI Maakers to produce them so are occasionally out of stock. Alternatively you can buy the Harriet’s Hat Pattern and get the satisfaction of knitting your own. All proceeds go directly to the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal.



Final Day For Harriet’s Hat Worldwide Knit Along Cast On Entries

This time last week the world wide Harriet’s Hat knit along started by the Minnesota Knitters Guild got off to a flying start, with someone even casting on her hat while above the Pacific Ocean on a plane to Hawaii. There’s still photos we need to add to our gallery in the post we put up on the start day.

There’s still time to download your copy of the Harriet’s Hat Pattern, cast on quickly, and post a picture on the Ravelry thread to enter the cast on prize draw.

You then have until the 20th of July to post pictures of your finished hats in the same ravelry thread to be included in the finished hats draw.

It’s been an incredibly successful event so far, some are onto a second or third hat – looks like they’re addicted 😂 Can’t thank everyone enough for joining in and supporting us, no matter where in the world you’re taking part. Thank you.

Mystery Guest Visitor Joins In Knitting And Delivers £50 Donation From Massachusetts

At tonights MRI Maakers session in the Gilbert Bain Hospital Servery, we were paid a very welcome visit by a special secret guest. Rachel, who lives on Fair Isle, has been a very active follower of our efforts on social media and shares our updates with her own many followers.

At the beginning of the month, Rachel received a letter from Mother Seraphima of Holy Nativity Convent in Massachusetts. She read about the MRI Scanner Appeal from Rachel sharing or commenting on one of our tweets and asked that her £50 donation be passed on. Pictured here, Rachel is holding the letter as she hands over the £50 note, which came all the way from America, to Harriet in person. It’s an incredibly generous contribution from someone so far away, and though we’ve asked Rachel to pass on our sincere gratitude, we hope that Mother Seraphima will find this post too. Thank you so much for your support!

We didn’t realise it at the time, but Mother Seraphima has actually also purchased 2 finished Harriet’s Hats, which have already been dispatched and may already have arrived. It’s quite possible they were knitted by one of the MRI Maakers pictured here at tonights meeting. We hope you love your hats, and thanks again for supporting us.

Island Medics Stars Model Harriet’s Hat and Reversible Headbands

Aimee, Sam & Hannah modelling Harriet’s Hat and Headbands

It’s not often the staff in A&E have a spare moment, so we’re glad we got the opportunity to grab this fine three for a quick promo photo.

Aimee, Sam and Hannah were working at the Gilbert Bain Hospital in Shetland today, where the MRI Scanner will be when we’ve raised enough funds. They weren’t expecting this when they started their shifts this morning, but as with any A&E department they’re accustomed to the unexpected. You might recognise them from the Island Medics Series shown on BBC TV, the film crew were actually there at the time recording for the next series.

You’ll also probably recognise Harriet’s Hat being worn by Sam in the middle, but you won’t have seen the Reversible Harriet’s Headbands being shown for the first time by Aimee and Hannah. We’ll be launching the Harriet’s Headband pattern shortly, which has been designed to compliment the hat and embodies all of it’s signature features, with the crown translated into the top and bottom banding of the darker side, while the ribbing borders the light side.

We hope you like them and look forward to bringing you the pattern in the very near future.

Don’t they look great? The hat and headbands don’t look bad either 😉

Big thanks to Aimee, Sam and Hannah for taking time out of your busy day to do this for us and helping to promote the next step by Harriet and the MRI Maakers.


Yarn Stockists Spread Word of Harriet’s Hat Pattern Fundraiser

It seems like everyday we hear of somewhere new people are hearing about the Harriet’s Hat pattern – download yours here.

Today on facebook we heard from Claire in Essex, who was told of our efforts to raise funds for the Shetland MRI Scanner appeal in her local Yarn store. We’d like to thank Sam of Sconch, in Braintree, Essex for highlighting our cause. Not only has Claire bought the pattern, but it’s inspired her to book onto a colourwork knitting course too!

We’re so pleased the design is liked enough to be supported in this way, and it’s encouraging people all over the world to try a knitting format they might not have otherwise.

Thanks for supporting us and sharing your story Claire, and thanks again to Sam at Sconch.

If you’ve already bought the pattern, let us know how you found out about what we’re doing so we can say thanks to the many people, stores, and groups who have helped make this the success it is. And if you’ve yet to try it, download the pattern, all of the proceeds go directly to the Shetland MRI Scanner appeal fund.