Yarn Appeal as Finished Hat Sales Raise over £2400 for Shetland MRI Scanner

This morning, we shipped the packages pictured here to addresses across the UK and around the world. It’s become a fairly routine weekday event.

The MRI Maakers have been pulling out the stops and have now raised over £2400 from the sales of finished hats alone.

However it’s not only the availability of volunteer knitters (who have been incredible so far) that limit the number of these, and soon other, finished official design items we can sell. Our source of yarn in the right colours is coming to an end, so we now need to move on to something more sustainable for the longer term. The Shetland MRI Scanner appeal won’t reach it’s target any time soon, so we need to look ahead in terms of how the MRI Maakers efforts can best be sustained.

This will become more of an issue shortly when other official pattern designs are released, however those patterns present us with an opportunity we think (more later).

We were invited in to meet Katherine and Garry Jamieson (of Jamieson’s of Shetland) today to discuss some options, and they’ve come up with a very generous arrangement for us. If we can find backers for the wool we need for finished items in the official colours, they’ll supply us the yarn at a significantly reduced price. This is sustainable for them, while it would be a huge support for us, as they’ve been all along.

It’s an incredibly worthwhile opportunity if we can make it work, based on the hat sales over the last 3-4 weeks, around £70 in yarn becomes £480, and that mark up will be still higher with the discount on offer.

If you could help us by way of donating some funds for us to use specifically for this purpose we’d be incredibly grateful, and your contribution will be multiplied in excess of 7 times in terms of how much it raises for the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal.

For businesses, we’ve delayed the release of the Headband Pattern slightly to accommodate any that would want their business advertised in exchange, there are other planned patterns in the pipeline too. We’ll also obviously highlight your generosity here on our website, and across our social media platforms. Both our pattern sales, and online presence have gained huge interest around the globe, so it’s a brilliant opportunity to get yourself widely seen.

Sufficient yarn in each colour for 16 Harriet’s Hats

Jamieson’s of Shetland’s offer is specific to the 6 MRI Scanner Appeal colours, and can only be collected by Harriet or Billy. We’ll then batch them up with enough of each colour for specific official scanner appeal items, such as Harriet’s Hats or Harriet’s Headbands etc. like we’ve done here (pictured) tonight for more hats. So you can be assured if you sponsor us in this way to buy yarn, it will all be used solely for items sold to raise funds for the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal.

If you can help us fund the yarn we need to raise more funds for the MRI Scanner, whether as an individual, or as a business, please use the contact page so we can discuss with you the best way to get the funds to us. In the case of businesses we can also then discuss what promotional coverage you need and what you require on invoices for tax purposes.

The Harriet’s Hat pattern has now sold 2565 copies online and well over 500 hard copies in local stores not including those sold but the money hasn’t been returned yet (many purchased by tourists). This means the pattern alone has raised well over £12,000 so far from across the UK and around the world more widely since 2nd of May.

With the MRI Maakers volunteer knitters having now sold over £2400 worth of hats, Harriet’s Hat has raised almost £15000 in just over 6 weeks. Securing funding for more yarn would mean we can achieve much more.

We can’t thank everyone who has supported us enough, particularly the community of knitters. Thank you